Modern Castle Construction

I have been scouring the internet for information about alternate construction techniques that would be suitable for construction of a modern castle. While building large buildings is very expensive no matter what techniques you use, with some of the products we are highlighting here, your costs can be reduced and you can still build a fortified structure that will stand the test of time, often for no more cost than that of any luxury or high end stick frame home.

View our information about concrete stay in place construction methods

Read about Building Codes and how they might affect your building a modern castle.

Go to Castle Magic's website to see some how one contractor is building modern day castles. These people are great stone masons, with many years experience. They use modern construction methods mixed with medieval techniques to build wonderful modern day castles that will last for centuries to come.

Check out Castle McKenzie.This is a modern castle constructed by the owners with precast concrete stone molds. This castle is in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina in the town of Murphy.

For some alternate building materials, check out Olde World Stone and Tile Concrete Molds. They have all the materials you need to produce your own concrete tiles or concrete stones. This would be a great do-it-yourself project for any castle builder or a great way to start a new business for a product that is in great demand these days.

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