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Medieval Castles - Medieval Siege Weapons
Provides very high quality information on medieval castles, medieval siege weapons, and castle warfare in general, including information on trebuchet designs, medieval shields, how to build a catapult and more.

Castles of Britain is probably one of the best sites I have found on the internet. This site is well designed. It contains an extremely large amount of information about castles. The author, Lise Hull, has done an excellent job of presenting information about castles in a concise easily navigable way. This site is well maintained with few, if any, broken links. Their Castle Learning Center has much great information about castles and would be a great place for someone just learning about castles to spend some time. This site also has a members only area with additional information. Pictures and links to castles are on this site and are numerous. This site is definately worth you time.

Medieval Castles is a great site for learning about castles. There is a treasure trove of information about medieval castles on this site. This site also is a well designed site with few or no dead links. I would recommend this site for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of medievel castles. There are some great prints and photos of castles at the website below. There are many options for framing, laminating, etc. for you to choose from. I am a customer of this site and check it frequently for new castle photos. These are a great source for decorating your home or office. They have a great selection of castle related as well as non castle related photos.

Castles of Wales is a great site with lots of quality photographs. This site has the castles of Wales separated on maps into different regions. Each castle is listed on a map and clickable. There is a history with many pictures of each. The authors have visited most of these castles and taken quality pictures of each site. There were many pictures updated in May 2006 with the authors trip to many of the castles. Also there are many articles by different authors regarding medieval castles and their histories. There are many articles about historical figures. There is a great glossary of castle terms and a section relating to Abbeys and Religious sites. If you are so inclined, there is also a complete site in the Welsh language. has a lot of links to castles around the world. This is a good site with links to castles for sale and rent. There are also articles about castle architecture and construction. Some of the links are dated, but there are many links to other websites that are worth checking out.

Castles of Ireland has many links to castles in Europe. This is a well designed site with lots of links to castles and information about castle histories in Europe. It also has a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to via email. The blog is also a neat and unique feature for a castle website. If you have time, check it out.

Dupont Castle is one of my favorite sites. It is is run by Jim Dupont who is building his own castle in West Virginia, USA. He occasionally post pictures of his castle. Also he has many links to castles here in the United States. Some of them have pictures and emails from the owners giving details of the castles histories. Unfortunately, Jim is no longer updating his website of castles in the USA. There are still many good links for you to check out.

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