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We have started this website to provide information about castle construction and architecture. We know that there are many people who would like to live in a castle. Ancient castles were massive structures that took many years and much resources to complete, even bankrupting many builders including kings and even countries. While building modern castles with 10-20ft thick walls would still be prohibitively costly for all but the richest builders, modern construction methods allow the average upscale homebuilder to build a very fortified structure, with medieval appearance and all the amenities of modern living.

We are providing links to castle sites we frequent as well as links to construction methods and resources we have found in our research of modern castle building. If you have any information that would be helpful to other castle builders, please feel free to drop us an email at builderATUSACastleDOTcom.

We hope to be adding many links in the coming days. This site is a work in progress. If you would like to contribute to the site please send us an email at the above address. If you like what you see, consider making a contribution to the site by sending us a gift via Paypal to builderATUSACastleDOTcom. We will be adding a donate button to the site soon. While our main goal is to share Castle information and building ideas with you, we hope you understand that webhosting is not free. Also design and some design components are available only at a cost, since our expertise in some areas is limited. Therefore, we have decided to allow advertisements on our website. We hope you understand that this is necessary, and who knows, you might see an advertisement you are interested in.

Our goal is to build a castle of our own someday. We hope to chart the progress of that undertaking on this site as well as share our successes and failures. We estimate this project to take at least 20 years from design, to purchasing the property, to finishing the construction. Somewhere in there is raising the funds necessary to complete construction. If you would like to get more details of our castle construction plans, please choose the shield to the left that says 'Our Castle Dream'. We are working on a set of preliminary plans at the moment. We hope to incorporate the expertise of an architect before we finalize any design.

If you are currently planning to build a castle or are currently building a castle, please email us and we would like to include your progress in our website. We would like to see some pictures of your castle or look at you plans. We think that with the uncertainty of the current world, many people will be building more and more fortified structures in the coming years. We hope to help those considering such structures with their plans.

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